Willowbrook Farm - Halal Organic Farm

Just got home a little while ago from visiting England’s first halal organic farm – Willowbrook Farm, and I just really wanted to share this with you!

It was a Madressa trip for older kids, to learn about halal organic farming, but it was open to all so we tagged along too – and are so glad we did!

We ended up learning a lot more than that:

– About Islam and the environment, and how to respect the land and how we should interact with the land and the animals that graze it.
– how all our great Prophets interacted with the land and were great shepherds
– Animal rights in Islam – how our need is not greater than their rights
– a reminder that ‘Halal’ is not only the slaughter but the love and respect given to the animal through out it’s life until its death – halal is not just a flashing sign at our local butcher!

Dr Lutfi and his wife Ruby, the founders, were very inspirational to say the least! It was amazing to meet his 3 boys Ali, Khalil and Adam who looked after us well, and to see how they were all at peace with the beautiful 33 acres of land, which was not only their home, but their life and livelihood.

The delicious fresh organic burger lunch prepared by the team was the icing on the cake!

Thank you Willowbrook Farm for an amazing spiritual and uplifting experience connecting with nature, the lands and the fresh animals, and HED SIM madressa for organising the trip!

P.S. Check out their website for upcoming events – would be a wonderful family day out. 🙂






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