The Month of Shabaan - Ideas to mark the special month and events in it

The Month of Shabaan - Ideas to mark the special month and events in it

The month of birthdays is upon us!

  • Check out what one inventive mum has done to welcome the month of Shabaan  (main pic above). Each star represents a birthday of our noble personalities in this month 🙂
  • Here is a printable banner you can print, colour and put up for display – it covers all the main events of this month!
  • And here’s a birthday cake for younger children to colour in.
  • Somebody has put together this set of amazing slides for her class which covers all the main events very clearly, and has plenty of activity ideas. (Author unknown)
  • Play this game (for younger children) to teach them which holy personalities’ birthdays we celebrate in this month.
  • Here are a collection of resources on the 4th Imam
  • Here is a mini-book on Angel Fitrus, including instructions for folding (by Tasneem Mumen)
  • Kisa Kids produce an annual booklet FULL of ideas and activities to mark the occasions of Rajab and Shabaan. Download them here.
  • Here is a checklist for things to do in Shabaan by Noor Islamic Education.
  • For older kids, why not play this Kahoot! game created by Arifa Davdani.
  • And here’s an awesome video to watch with the kids to welcome in this month:

  • To mark 15th Shabaan and the birth of Imam Mahdi (aj), check out a whole series of ideas here!


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