Teaching Children to Love Salah With One Trick

Teaching Children to Love Salah With One Trick

Another great article about helping our children love salaah – I love the idea about letting them lead. It really works!

“My husband would often feel disheartened when he had started talking back and telling us that he didn’t want to pray and of course I felt amused because we were talking about a six year old. My husband would often sit with our son and talk to him about the importance of prayer too. Prayer means obedience. If a child can pray, it means he will abide by his responsibilities. We talked to him but it didn’t work. We gave him stars… points… rewards but still it didn’t inspire him. Then one day….

I told him he was the Imam of our house. I told him that as soon as it was time for prayer, he should get up,  give the Iqamah (call for prayer signalling that prayer would start soon) and we would all gather behind him so that he could lead the prayer.”

Read the whole article here: http://wordsnneedles.com/WN/2015/06/teaching-children-to-love-salah-with-one-trick.html

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