Ramadan Idea 22: Journals/Workbooks/Colouring books for Ramadan


Alhamd there is so much out there now for our children to help them benefit from the month. Here is a round up – including both those for purchase, and those available as a free download. I’ve loosely placed them by age, but please note that different resources may suit your child even if they’re not that age!


4 and older

7 and older

10 and older

14 and older

If you know of anymore, send them to me and will add them on inshallah 🙂

Umrah Idea 2: Take some workbooks along


There are some great resources out there now, Alhamdulillah! Although they aren’t on Umrah in particular, the concepts are the same (Hajj will have some extra info – which is always handy to know anyway and can come in useful when going to see those important sites such as Mina, Muzdalifah, etc).

Not only will they be beneficial for the kids to learn, it will also give them something nice and useful to do when sitting in the haram 

Muharram Idea 11 - Workbooks/Colouring Books and other resources


Idea No 11: Reinforce their Learning with Workbooks

Alhamdulillah, there are a huge number of resources to help our children learn about the events of Kerbala:



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