Kerbala - by renowned Sunni scholar Imam Khalid Latif


I am going to veer from my usual posts with this one, but I believe it is valuable Inshallah.

Alhamdulillah, this page has Muslims of all sects, but inevitably every Muharram, those of the Sunni faith start ‘un’liking the page as the posts about Imam Husayn (as) and Kerbala begin.

But as this eloquent Khutba from last Friday by renowned Sunni scholar, Imam Khalid Latif at the Islamic Center of New York University shows, this event is not just one for Shias to commemorate. It is part of a MUSLIM history, and one with lessons for all.

Well worth a listen! We are ONE Ummah!

Excerpt: “I would encourage those of us who are not familiar with the tragedies that take place in the month of Muharram to take the time to go and understand and read our history. And that’s a Muslim history, not a Sunni or a Shia history. And to be able to relate and connect to every character that is there and to understand really, what are they made of? That they were able to move forward in the face of such atrocity, in the face of such challenge, and still say that the next world is more important than this one. That Allah is greater than all of this. That I will not compromise on my relationship with the Divine for anything of this dunya. It’s for you and I to take from, not from anybody else. It’s for you and I to reflect on, to make the individual decision. And it starts in being honest with yourself. Do you really believe that honesty drives you? Do you believe that integrity drives you?… I would encourage that you engage and take in some capacity. Push your comfort zone, and not for anybody else’s sake. Not to prove that you are somehow open-minded and you will be present in gatherings. Let this Muharram be about your heart… and yield to the idea that there is immense opportunity for gain and rejuvenation. We just have to decide whether it’s something we want to take for ourselves or not.”

Umrah Idea 5: Take a bag of sweets!


One of the beauties of Umrah is meeting people from all over the world, of all sects, who have come to the same place as yourself for the same reason.

Sitting next to each other during Salaat or just while sitting in the harams is a great opportunity to get conversations going, connections made and learning from each other – and what better way to break the ice than with some sweets?!

If you’re not the conversational type, not to worry – it’s also just a great way to get someone to smile 🙂

My daughter and her cousins loved giving out sweets to the children around them at different mosques, and one instance of giving out sweets after Salaat led to meeting and talking to some lovely people.

A simple but amazing way to build unity in our hearts 🙂

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