Ramadan Idea 28: Video Resources for Children


One of the benefits of Ramadan in lockdown has been the amazing videos that have been created to help children keep learning… here are a collection!

Ilm did a four part series on Ramadan:

Kisa Kids did full 30 day series!

As did Noor Kids:

Islam From The Start did a 30 day series on a verse of the Quran a day:

For older kids, there was a series on Sura Yaseen:


Ramadan Idea 23: Helping children understand the Ramadan duas


There are many duas to recite in Ramadan, and we should aim to try and explain the concept behind these duas to our children so they are aware of what they are reciting and why. Here are some ideas:

  • Here is what someone came up with to help even young children understand what they are reciting…

If you would like the printable link it can be found here.”

  • Here is a video that may help:

  • And here’s another dua simplified:

  • For older children, how about these duas in English:


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