App 13 - 40 Hadiths for Children with Stories


So I was going to end it yesterday with the awesome number of 12 apps reviewed, when I was sent this one.

With the Prophet’s Birthday coming up, I think this is a perfect way to end this series…and hey, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that 13 is also a special number in Islam, right? 🙂

This app is also a perfect prelude to beginning the next lot of posts, which is to do with the Prophet (saw), of course! Stay tuned!

App No 13: 40 Hadiths for Children with Stories

Along with penned illustrations, this app has 40 stories that are short and easy to read, each one with a deeply embedded moral. At the end of each story is… you guessed it… a hadith from Prophet Muhammad (saw) that encompasses the moral succintly.

Again, the ahadith are from Ahle Sunnah sources – the moral stays the same though, and the stories are not the common ones that we’ve heard, and really bring the moral to life.

Overall? A lovely tool to teach our children values and morals, using the captivating medium of story telling.

Download for free on itunes: (sorry androiders)

App 9 - Islamic and Moral Stories


App No 9: Islamic and Moral Stories

If your children are anything like mine, then you’re usually asked often to tell them a story! Now, sometimes I just can’t think of one offhand, and my brain is too tired to make one up…that’s when this app really comes into action 🙂 And the best part is, it has values too!

There are Islamic stories (from history and recent times) and stories for kids (not necessarily Islamic but has some of the well-known ones like The Hare and the Tortoise), as well as some jokes, although I would vet these!

Just a note to keep an eye on the content, although on the whole it seems neutral.

Overall? A useful and enjoyable app to have, especially when you’re snowed in somewhere and have time to wile away!

Android users, here is the link:

I actually didn’t find this one on itunes, but this seems to be something similar with many of the same stories:

App 5 - Over the Moon Stories


App No 5: Over the Moon Stories

So far the only ones of its kind, Over the Moon Stories are animated books for Muslim children!

There are two books available so far: Allah Made the World, and Ramadan Kareem. When you open them up, you have two options, you can have it narrated for you, or read on your own. When you click on certain things in the book, they will move or speak.

The books are beautifully illustrated and written in simple rhyme. They are short stories (about 5 pages long), so good for preschoolers. The author, Suzanne Muir, is a Muslim teacher and mom of 3 herself!

Downloadable for £1.49/$1.99:!/id453925553?mt=8

(Sorry androiders 🙁 )


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