Day 2 - Tuesday: Take care of the ill


We all know the famous story of the Prophet (saw) who went to visit the lady who was sick, even though she used to throw rubbish on him every day.

Visiting the sick is SO highly emphasized in Islam, with the reward for doing so being as high as having 70,000 angels escorting the visitor and seeking forgiveness for him until s/he returns home. There are also plenty of ahadith detailing the etiquettes for doing so, such as not staying long and taking a gift.

However, in this day and age we don’t always know someone who’s sick, or can’t always get to visit them (especially children who can’t go visiting in hospitals easily), or have busy weekdays and can’t always manage it. So how do we teach our children the importance of visiting the sick?

Perhaps the following ideas can help?

1. We can begin by talking about the above ahadith
2. Asking them to perhaps call or write a letter/email to someone who is not feeling that great?
3. There is a great activity on Creative Resources on which is about decorating a gift bag and personalizing it before giving it to someone not well.
4. Making a sincere dua for that person
5. Buzz Ideazz have created a special Get Well Soon card, which has a dua for the sick inside – these would make unique accompaniments to their gift! They are available here:


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