Idea 2: Keep a tasbih with them at bedtime


Dhikr is very highly emphasised this month. Why not gift them a tasbeeh if they don’t have one already, and keep it near their bed as a reminder to do dhikr just before they go to sleep.

In particular:

1. Asking for forgiveness – The older ones can recite Astaghfirullaha wa as-aluhu tawba. (I seek forgiveness from Allah, and I pray He accepts my repentance.) whereas little ones can simply be encouraged to say i’m sorry for every bead, and think about something they may have done wrong.

2. Repeating Laa ilaha illAllah (There is no God but Allah). Share this awesome hadith with them! The Holy Prophet said that if we recite it 1000 times, Allah will grant us 1000 rewards and houses in heaven. Ask them to imagine this as they are reciting!

3. For older children, the following dhikr can be done: The Prophet said that we should recite Astaghfirullahal-ladhee laa ilaaha illaa Huw, wahdahu laa shareeka lah, wa atoobu ilayh (I ask forgiveness from Allah Whom there is no God besides He, and He has no partner, and I repent before Him) 400 times. The reward of that will be the same as 100 martyrs would receive!

And let’s not forget to do these dhikrs ourselves Inshallah!

It's Rajab! Idea 1: Make a display


It’s Rajab! As e-mails are bouncing around on how to make the most of this month in preparation for the holy month of Ramadhan ahead, it might be a good time to think about how we can help convey its importance to our children as well…

So here’s the first of our short series on Rajab, sent in by someone who has loads of other creative ideas!

Idea 1:

“Create an easy and effective wall display to emphasise the importance of the months leading up to the holy month and indeed the holy month itself.

There are large bold letters spelling the names of the month – a nice craft activity. We also used a calendar print out from QFatima. Include written or typed important dates in those months, and one Hadith about the month.

It ends up to be a beautiful colourful display and a great source of information for the children.”

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