Love Language #3: Quality Time


Another love language is Quality Time – as you may have guessed, this is uninterrupted one on one time – no phones, TVs, etc vying for attention! Children definitely need this too – why not carve out some time especially for them today?

A lovely example of this is in Kerbala, when Zuljanah would not go forward to the battlefield. Imam realised that it was because Bibi Sakina was holding on to Zuljanah’s leg. Imam got off, held Bibi Sakina (touch!) and spent some time with her. He dried the tears from her eyes and comforted her, after which she returned to the tents.

Idea 6: Make Prayer Time, Parent Time


Another benefit of praying together is that it can be a form of quality time with our children. Here is what one mum said:

“Make prayer time parent time…At a parenting workshop I attended a few years ago, the speaker shared how she offered her children two types of reward for good behavior: a tangible treat or one-on-one time with each parent. She said she was surprised when the kids always chose time with their mother or father over a trinket.

Taking this into account, spend a few minutes after each prayer with your young Muslim connecting, asking or answering questions about an issue of concern, or simply making it a time for hugs, jokes, and lighthearted hanging out.”

Another mum I spoke to says how she realised that prayer time was her opportunity to spend quality time with her dad. After jamaat namaaz the children would be allowed to go off but their dad would stay on and do his duas, etc, and basically be available for them. Looking back, she sees that all the major decisions made were done at that time, on the musalla!

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