Muharram Products 1


Every year Alhamdulilllah there are more and more products being released to commemorate and remember Imam Husayn’s sacrifice in our every day lives. Even better, the funds from them go to great causes! These products make excellent take homes for majalis for both adults and children.

Check out this shella from Stanmore Jaffery’s (Stanmore, London) that is being sold for £6, for example!
What products are available where you are? Do share your pics and ideas!

Designer Wanted


So I know it’s been quiet at this end…but that’s because we’ve been working on several ideas for products that we have! We have also have been setting up our website which is going to be launched soon, Inshallah!

On that note – are you studying to be a designer, or are you a designer looking for work experience? We are looking for talented people to work on a few projects! If you’re interested, please inbox us 🙂


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