Baligha Series - Idea 4: Giving a Presentation in your Daughter's School


Turning 9 is going to have many implications in your daughter’s school life – and the school need to know! Not only that but her friends and classmates will probably be curious as to the changes, and so it is an ideal time to dispel any myths, provide information and generally increase awareness 

Go in and speak to the head/teacher about the following:

– If she will be praying at school then she will need a space to pray, and somewhere to keep her musalla (a travel musalla with an attached part for the mohr is ideal)
– In Ramadhan that she will be fasting and may need to stay indoors during hot summer days – one school even allowed a friend to stay in with their daughter so she doesn’t get bored/lonely)
– That she will be wearing a head scarf
– If swimming, that she will be wearing a burkini, which has been accepted world wide as appropriate swim wear

Some awesome mums even went in to talk to their daughter’s class about it all! A PPT was used and has been shared with you here (PPTS have been shared here through dropbox links) in case you would like to do the same  Info can be added/changed as you see fit!

Here is another PPT given by another mum, who extended it to add more information on the other aspects of turning baaligh;

The amazing thing was the knock-on effect it had…in one school, because of one girl starting to wear the hijaab at school, another did too – and so this mum was asked to come in and give her presentation to another class also!

Others asked speakers to come instead, and it was held as a Key Stage 2 Assembly – this was very effective also.

Also super effective was having the girls who are wearing hijaab give their own talk, thus giving them ownership of explaining what is happening to their lives. Here is a sample talk which may be useful:




Hajj Play (KS2) at School


Today Alhamd, was our Key Stage 2 Assembly and it would be great to share it with you!

The whole school came in to the assembly wearing their Eid Mubarak stickers which we had distributed to their classes earlier on. After a quick intro, the Key Stage Two-ers began their presentation and there was pin drop silence throughout!

Here is the script of the play they performed:

Alhamd they did great, right to the very end where they all called out ‘Happy Eid everyone!” Cheers accompanied the applause for them, and Alhamd, the participants were all buzzing after and wearing their religion with pride. 🙂

Their classmates were truly appreciative, especially when we went round and dropped off their Eid Mubarak cupcakes off, with calls of “Thank You!” coming from them as we did so. The teachers and head were all given Eid gifts and Eid cards, and Eid cards were given out by the children as well.

As well as the informal thank yous from the staff, we got a very official looking letter from the school to say the same, and that they hope for more such opportunities for us to share our customs with them! Who can refuse such an invitation?! 😉

Alhamd all in all a great morning with Inshallah many seeds planted in minds, young and old 🙂

Hajj presentation at my daughter's school


Alhamd, I just came back from the presentation at my daughter’s class and I am buzzing (pun intended)! Here is a photo of the props that we laid out – the kids were curious and excited from the time we started setting up (you should have seen their faces when the cakes came in!) to the time the stickers were handed out and they started colouring in their Kaaba pictures.

But the real reason I am buzzing is because Alhamd, for me at least, the sharing of ideas that have happened through Buzz has helped me no end. Thank you everybody who adds their ideas and posts pictures – they really do go a long way!

Idea 11 - Key Stage 2 Presentation


Idea Number 11:

We’ve talked about Nursery and Key Stage 1 presentations, but what of Key Stage 2? Well, someone pretty smart came up with a cool idea!

Why not let your kids and their Muslim friends do the presentation for their class, or during a Key Stage 2 assembly? You can be there to give ideas and information, but they can take the reins and shine on the day!

Idea 2 - School Presentation on Hajj


Idea Number 2:

Some schools also invite parents to come in but if they do not, GO TO THEM YOURSELVES! They will never say no, and most R.E. teachers will even appreciate an expert going in and explaining Eid better than they ever could 🙂

The best part is, you can involve your children in the nursery and school presentations, and they LOVE it! I know mine are already asking me about going in to their classroom again this year!

If you’re stuck on what to do for the older children, check out these lesson plan/ideas:

Here is a plan for Key Stage 1:

Here is a plan for year 3:

And here is a short talk on Eid-ul-Adha:



Idea 1 - Nursery Presentation on Hajj


So yesterday I wrote about how we should Inshallah try to really make the most of the upcoming Eid in order to make it fun and memorable for our children, as well as spread the message of love and celebration to the wider community about us!

I am going to post some ideas over the next few days but PLEASE feel free to jump in and add your own!

Idea Number 1:

Most nurseries (especially Montessori/Steiner and the like) encourage parents to come in and talk about Eid. JUMP at this chance and do it! If you’re stuck for ideas, check out the lesson plan on the link below, which has ideas for objects to take in to show, a rhyme to sing and things to do.

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