Prayer Game with Musalas


I loved this game idea shared by Islam from the Start!

“We laid out the musalas (one for each child) around the room. Then we asked them to run around the room, this symbolised our daily life and how we are always rushing around from one activity to another. We then played the Adhan, which symbolised Allah’s call to us. We talked about how Allah calls us to good deeds like prayer, being kind to others, truthfulness etc. The children had to run to a musala as soon as they heard Allah’s call. After each round we removed one musala to find the winner! We then talked about how Allah is the fastest at responding to our prayer.”

Ice-cream and Friday prayer


I remember hearing many stories of ulema using this technique – buying a sweet for their kids on the way back from mosque, or waking their children up for Fajr with a sweet fruit… Lots of positive associations being made there!

“Simply put, if you want your child to love something, create happy memories and experiences around that thing and they will naturally gravitate towards it.”

Read the full article here:

Day 4 - Thursday: Pray a little extra


The Prophet was known for praying extra, with ahadith a plenty describing his devotion to the nawafil prayer, etc.

Today, given that it’s a Thursday night and a POWERFUL night for prayers to be accepted, maybe we could ask the children to pray a teeny bit more, whether it’s a two rakat sunnat salaat, an extra sajda or tasbeeh, or maybe they could recite any of the recommended duas for tonight that they don’t perhaps do…

The Prophet (saw) loved praying Namaaz-e-Shab, so maybe that’s something we parents can try doing (if we don’t already?) …

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