Baligha Parties - Party Favours


Ideas for PARTY FAVOURS in Buloogh Parties:

* The crafts they have made!
* Prayer bag (including prayer mat, mohr, tasbih, dua book, etc)
* Chaadar
* A scarf/maqna
* Hijaab pins/bands
* Buloogh journal

Some mums also suggested: “Pop up cup for going to the washroom when out on trips or at school”, “Itar (perfume)” and ” Socks, small book of taaqeebate namaz”. Another suggestion that came in was personalised tasbeehs – they are beautiful, unique and practical. Check them out here:

Check out what one mum did! Each of the items in the party bag meant something special to the girl’s becoming baligha 🙂

2016-05-26 11.20.50

Another mum had a beauty theme to the party and so gave out the following:

The contents were:
Nail polish
Stick on earrings
Nail file
Gold foil chocolate heart

She even gave the adults something too! A candle with the following message:

Also, how about Buzz Ideazz’s foldable hair brushes and mirrors with a dua on them? . One birthday girl gave out Buzz Ideazz’ foldable hairbrush and mirrors with the dua for looking in the mirror to everyone in her mosque class for her when she became baaligha! An ideal going home gift, perfect for little girl’s purses or swim bags!

Any more ideas?

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