Ramadan articles for us parents!


Inspiring stories about Hajj


A man returned from Hajj – debt free!

I Went to Hajj Burdened With Debt and I Came Back Debt-Free

Oprah did a series on Belief – and Hajj was in the episode entitle Love Story:

Arsenal footballer Abu Diaby reciting Quran at Hajj:

Saying farewell to the Kaaba:

Abdullah brothers gave up the NFL for Hajj:


British riders cycled to Hajj for 5 weeks! This was their welcome 🙂

Pictured: 8 Brothers vie to take mother to Hajj 🙂


Giving back to parents


This really touched me. May we all be able to give back to our parents, not that we will be ever able to fully repay them or even come close!
“My Lord! bestow on them (parents) thy Mercy even as they cherished me in childhood.” Sura Israa, verse 24

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