Marking Ramadan with Older Kids - Idea 1: Quran competition


Now that my kids are older (10 and 12), I find that a lot of the activities/books/calendar inserts out there are not quite suitable for them. So I have been looking out for a few things that are and which I have found useful, and thought I’d share here in case anyone else does!

First up, check out this Quran competition. It’s very cool! Each day, 2 questions become available online and you and your kiddos can look inthe Quran and read through the designated verses to find the answer.

More details below!

Quranic Ramadhan Competition
**Spend your Ramadan with the Quran and Feed Your Soul**

**In this competition, two questions will be asked from one ‘juz’ of the Quran on every day of the blessed month of Ramadan. The reference for the answer within the verses of the ‘juz’ will be provided as a guide. This means that in the 30 days of Ramadan, 60 questions will be asked. Participants who obtain an overall high score will be the winners of the competition and will receive prizes**

Starts On: 16th May 2018
Length: 4 weeks

Arabic Alphabet Series - Idea 4: Online games


This website has some nice games to help consolidate the Arabic Alphabet learning!

If you look online, there are quite a few other options – but I didn’t find them too child friendly so have not shared. This is the only other one i think might be fun!

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