Idea 4 - And don't forget the staff...


Idea Number 4:

And don’t forget the staff!

This year, instead of giving teachers a present at Christmas like everyone else, why not give them something at Eid instead?

The receptionists/caretaker/head often get forgotten too…why not grab a box of chocolates and give it to them this Eid?

Small gestures like these go a long way in building good relationships with the people who are taking care of your children 🙂

Our range of contemporary Blank Cardzz are perfect to accompany any gifts/chocolates you decide to give, or even just on their own! The cards are A5 in size, and cost only 75p per card, or £4 for a pack of 6.

Idea 1 - Nursery Presentation on Hajj


So yesterday I wrote about how we should Inshallah try to really make the most of the upcoming Eid in order to make it fun and memorable for our children, as well as spread the message of love and celebration to the wider community about us!

I am going to post some ideas over the next few days but PLEASE feel free to jump in and add your own!

Idea Number 1:

Most nurseries (especially Montessori/Steiner and the like) encourage parents to come in and talk about Eid. JUMP at this chance and do it! If you’re stuck for ideas, check out the lesson plan on the link below, which has ideas for objects to take in to show, a rhyme to sing and things to do.

School/Nursery time


To all those whose children are starting nursery/big school this week – lots of duas and Inshallah all will be well (I already have a lump in my throat!).

Just something I cam across which I thought I’d share: for Good Luck (for us and them!), Sura Nasr is awesome, and for Brain Power, teach them Ar-Rahman (The Most Kind).

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