Nouman Ali Khan Day - Dealing with Monsters: A Dummies Guide


So recently, I have been sharing quite a few gems from Br. Nouman Ali Khan on parenting, duas for children, etc…
He explains things SO well, Mashallah! And it is always practical.

So I thought how about we make it a weekly thing?! Inshallah, Wednesdays will be our weekly Nouman parenting tip day!

Today’s clip is about teenagers…short, funny and insightful!

Short and Inspiring


Do you remember a while ago, when we were doing the Prophet’s Birthday Week, we looked at his hadith: He whose two days of life are the same (making no spiritual progress) is at loss…?

Well, I don’t know about you, but when we do our round of questioning as to something new that each one of us has learnt today, I’m usually the one who struggles the most! I look back at my day and can’t point to even ONE new bit of information i may have learnt in the midst of my cooking and cleaning and all the rest of it…

Well, I came across this page the other day and think it’s fantastic! First introduced to Nouman Ali Khan through a friend, I find his tafsirs and talks very inspiring and definitely learn at least one new thing from it. The best part? They are SHORT clips, and are VERY visual so you’re not just listening but watching the tafsirs come alive. He also has seminars of parenting which are not just informative, but packed with humour!

If you like the page, you will see the clips on your feed…click on one, listen for a few minutes, and voila! Inshallah something learnt and now ready to be acted upon 🙂

Hope it comes in handy 🙂


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