Muslim TV programmes/movies/channels - Idea 8: Barakah Hills


Coming soon, Barakah Hills represents an ideal muslim community and is targeted to a post-toddler, pre-school demographic of children. The show’s main objective is to show children what it is like to be a practicing muslim as well as a good citizen in their community. Instead of trying to preach Islam and Shariah law and practice, Barakah Hills uses the hadiths and characteristics of Nabi Muhammad (SAW) as the prototype for not only being a good muslim but also a good human being. Children will learn everything from how to have good manners, to how to get actively involved with community projects. The way they learn is not through strict regimented lessons but through seeing how Laylah and Omar, and the supporting characters, do things. Essentially, the viewers will be learning by example. This makes for an educational, engaging and most importantly, fun children’s show.

Muslim TV programmes/movies/channels - Idea 4: Ahlulbayt TV Children's Hour


For slightly older children, and with slightly longer attention spans, the Ahlulbayt TV’s Children’s Hour is one to watch.

From what I can see, it started off as a little more child-based with puppets and pirates, but after 4 episodes it has moved more of a talk show style. There are still puppet shows, stories and poetry, quizzes and cartoons within…

They extensively cover Muharram, as well as Ramadhan and special occasions such as the birth of Imam Mahdi (aj).

Check it out through the links below:


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