A Quran Vision for your families


An interesting article about developing a vision for Quran in our families, and how this impacts our practices. Lots of great tips both with the article, and in the comments!

“Depending on what your vision is for yourself and/or your family, especially your little children (if they are still young), you will steer the course of your parenting life in a manner that will depict the intentions, efforts and practical steps needed to achieve that vision using goals, objectives and strategies (tapping into a bit of my primitive knowledge regarding management there, heh!).

For example, a mother whose vision is to just enable her children to be able to properly recite the Arabic text of the Qur’an without understanding it, will anxiously await the day when they finally “finish” one such reading of the whole Qur’an, so that she can throw a huge party to announce the happy milestone to her friends and family members.

That day of celebration, to her, will mark the achievement of her “Qur’an vision” for her children, and from that day onwards, she might not even place a lot of stress on their picking up the Qur’an to recite it on a regular basis, or to study its translation or tafsir under a scholar.

This is because, since her vision for her children was limited to their just being able to recite the Qur’an, she will not go beyond that once it has turned to reality.”

Read the full article here: http://sadaffarooqi.com/2014/06/30/define-the-quran-vision-for-your-family/

Quran Memorisation Series - Idea 10: Motivating our children to memorize Quran


A great addition to our memorisation series – talking about intrinsic motivation…

“Watching this short video about motivation made me think of Qur’an memorization in children. I strongly believe in fostering intrinsic motivation, and having things come from a child’s own self rather than forced on them (for example that a child doesn’t hit another child because they care about not hurting another person, versus not hitting because they fear getting punished). This is not an easy thing to do, but it’s looking at long term rather than short term results…” Read the full article here: http://raisingomar.com/2014/02/16/motivating-our-children-to-memorize-quran/

Here is another article on a young hafidha’s journey to  memorising the Quran: http://www.world-federation.org/news/hanna-mahmood-daya-memorising-holy-qur

And here’s a little inspiring video for them:


Posted by The Australian Muslim on Saturday, 24 March 2018


Quran Memorisation Series - Idea 9: Use HUMOUR!


I thought I would quickly wrap up the Quran Memorisation Series with a final idea – HUMOUR!

Sometimes kids find it tricky to remember certain words, so make it funny to stick in their heads!

One mum said this: “When we were doing Sura Zilzaal some time ago, she was having trouble remembering those ayaah that say whoever does an atom’s weight of good shall see it and whoever does and atom’s weight of evil shall see it. She would get confused with which ayah cam first – Khayraynyaraa or Sharraaynyaraa. So i said to her, just remember is Khairun aunty first and then Shairun aunty!”

If you have any more ideas to add, please send them in! Otherwise I think we will now turn our attention to Ramadhan, Inshallah 🙂

After Ramadhan, am hoping to do a series more focused on the understanding side of things – so do send in your ideas about that too!

Until then, let us pray for all our children to make the most of this month with their recitation, understanding and memorisation of the Holy book!

 Quran Memorisation Series - Idea 8: Listen, listen, listen


Many many people recommend listening to a recitor when trying to learn a sura. The app mentioned earlier in the series does this too, but there is also an excellent website called tanzil.net .

The recommended recitors for little ones is Al-Husary (NOT Al-Husary Mujawwad), and a slightly faster paced on for older ones is Parhizgar.

Having recitation on while they are going to sleep/are sleeping is also highly recommended for it to seep into their souls 🙂

Quran Memorisation Series - Idea 7: Play GAMES to help them learn!


In ‘Adventures of a Qur’anic Family’ – a book designed to help children learn and apply different Quranic verses in their lives through stories – there is a section at the end devoted to memorisation.

In it, is a section on games to help them learn! This is a great way to make learning fun, as opposed to boring and heavy. Indeed, children learn best when they’re having fun 🙂

Traffic Lights: Concentrating on the verse that you’re teaching them that day, get them to run around when you say ‘Green’, then freeze when you say ‘Red.’ They can only ‘Go’ again if they recite the verse. Again, they race around, and you say ‘Red’, etc. If more than one child, say it to them individually so as one is still moving around, the other is stopped; that way, if they’re each working on different chapters, they can each get a turn to say their line.

Tag: Same concept as above, but this time try and catch them. When you do, hug them tight. They can only get out of your ‘hug’ if they recite the verse correctly. If they get it wrong, squeeze them even tighter!

Supermarket Game: Can be played with parent and child, or with any number of children. The longer the chapter, the better! The first person recites one verse of a chapter of their choice. Then the second recites the first AND the second, then the third recites the first two AND the third, etc… going round and round in circles. This really drums it into them!

Turn, Turn: If more than one child, or for longer chapters, turns can be taken to recite the verses. If they have to be prompted or they get it wrong, they get a forfeit (e.g. jump up and down 5 times).

Reverse Psychology: Challenge the reluctant child, “’Bet you can’t recite Chapter Lahab.” Chances are, he’ll say, ‘Just watch me!’, and he’ll recite it! Make a big deal of it, saying, “Oh I’m wrong again, not fair!” Then challenge him with another, etc…

Push Mummy Over: This is especially nice to teach them their 4 Quls. Tell them the Chapters are like a force field around them, where if they recite it they’re super-protected and Allah makes them really strong. First, sit cross-legged on the floor and get them to try and push you over, while you’re resisting really hard. Then, get them to recite one of their chapters and then try. Allow them to push you very easily, making a big dramatic scene of falling over of course, and exclaiming, “Not fair, you became all strong!”

Teacher, Teacher: Make them the teacher. Recite your chapters with mistakes here and there and get them to point out the corrections. Alternatively, get them to recite it correctly as you repeat after them.

P.S. To check out the book, see link below:


Quran Memorisation Series - Idea 6: Little but Often


This is related to idea 5 – repeat it 7 times… WHAT you repeat 7 times however, should be feasible! Start small, an ayah perhaps, or even half an ayah if it is a long one. It may seem that they are not really picking it up the first day, but the second day it will Inshallah seem more familiar to them and come easier.

Also, don’t rush to the next one too soon! If a day or two is needed on the one ayah, then spend that day or two on it, perfecting the makhraj as well – because once they’ve learnt it wrong, it is very hard to change!

Quran Memorisation Series - Idea 5: Repeat 7 times


I heard this great little tidbit last Friday where a very learned teacher said that if you want to teach your children anything, do it in multiples of 7. So in this case for example, repeat an ayah 7 times, then leave it…

Have tried implementing it since then and it seems a good tip – as well as the deeper significance that I’m sure lies behind it, any more and they switch off to be honest!

P.S. Came across this video which repeats Ayatul Kursi 100 times! Ideal to play at night while they sleep perhaps?

Quran Memorisation Series - Idea 4: Ask HIM for help before you start!


Once we’ve clarified our niyyah, then the next step is to ask Allah for His help on this journey with our kids! Inshallah He is the only one who can make it possible.

This short dua is recommended before starting memorisation of the Quran. Perhaps you can print it out and the kids can decorate it and it can stay near where they do Quran? Or if someone is design savvy, perhaps they can make it into a poster to be printed and laminated? (P.S. If someone is so inclined, please do share here! Unfortunately my design skills are limited otherwise would do it myself!)

Here is the translation:

“Oh Allah, have mercy on me to be able to stop disobeying you as long as I am alive. Show mercy on me by not imposing a troublesome and difficult task on me. Make me do good deeds that please you. Make me learn your book by heart, just like you have taught me. Give me the ability to recite it in a manner that pleases you. Oh Allah, (through the Quran), enlighten my wisdom, open the doors of understanding and liberate my heart. Loosen my tongue, let my body be active and give me strength for it. No one can help me save you. There is no God except you.”

Quran memorisation series - Idea 3: Clarify your intention


As we know, our niyyat is the key to everything. We need to closely look within to see what really is our intention to help our children memorise the suras of the Quran.

Is it because their peers are doing so? Is it to win a prize for a competition? Is it because your family expects you to and have made comments to that effect? Or is it simply for the sake of Allah and to help them get familiar with and learn His word.

All of the above may not be mutually exclusive! But figuring out which one dominates is essential for the journey ahead. If you are doing it for keeping up with the other perhaps (even if this may not be a conscious goal), then you may find yourself comparing them, or being overly critical when they don’t pick it up by a certain time. This will then end up negatively and with them put off by the whole thing, which is the last thing we want in the long run…

Believe me, I am telling myself this first. It is very easy to fall into this trap… And then suffer the consequences.

But inshallah if we are doing it for them to love and know Allah and His words, then we will guide with love, follow at their pace and not to fulfill our agenda, and give plenty of time for understanding also.

May He give us the tawfeeq to clarify and purify our intention for this path Inshallah, and help us fulfil our aim of closeness and love to Him!


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