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Some great suggestions in the article!

“Children are a product of our society and the most valuable asset of our future. We, as adults, greatly influence how a child feels and behaves. We have the power to motivate and inspire them. We need to create a positive image about learning about our deen. The only way to achieve this is by leading by example. As a parent, you will have very little impact on your child’s want to learn if you do not make the effort to do the same.”

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Day 4 - Learn Something New


DAY 4 (THURSDAY): Learn something new and share it with your family.

“The mosque of Medina was not only a place of worship.

Once the Prophet (pbuh) entered the Mosque before the prayer time. He found two groups in the Mosque. One group was busy with its own act of worship, some were reading the Quran while the others were supplicating. The other group was in a corner busy learning. They learnt how to read and write and discussed the teachings of Islam and their application to their daily lives.

Looking at both, the Prophet (pbuh) said:

“They are both engaged in useful pursuits. But I am a teacher. I shall join the group assembled to learn.”

And so he (pbuh) sat with the group of students.”

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: The virtue of knowledge is more beloved with Allah (SWT) than the virtue of worship.”

IDEAS to help inculcate this fully and with understanding:

* I once heard someone mention a family tradition that I thought was so simple to implement, yet so awesome! At dinner time, they would ask each other to say one new thing they had learnt that day. If the person had learnt something, they would share it; if not, everyone would shake their heads and tut tut at them! Even the parents were grilled 🙂

The story above reminded me of this tradition. We have tried to implement it, but somehow it keeps fizzling. Inshallah tomorrow I hope and pray we can restart this and keep it up as a habit.

Perhaps then we can also fulfil the Prophet’s other ahadith (pictured), and no two days of our will be the same!

* Any other ideas? Please do share…I cannot emphasize enough how much of an impact they make!


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