Ramadan Idea 22: Journals/Workbooks/Colouring books for Ramadan


Alhamd there is so much out there now for our children to help them benefit from the month. Here is a round up – including both those for purchase, and those available as a free download. I’ve loosely placed them by age, but please note that different resources may suit your child even if they’re not that age!


4 and older

7 and older

10 and older

14 and older

If you know of anymore, send them to me and will add them on inshallah 🙂

Baligha Series - Idea 11: Gather messages from loved ones


he next batch of Buloogh Ideas is all about acknowledging that your daughter is now entering a new phase of life…

One mum had a lovely idea of collecting messages for her daughter from all the people who knew her – family, friends – school and otherwise, teachers, etc.

The result was one lovely journal full of memories and advice for the years ahead, which I’m sure she will cherish forever!

Baligha Series - Idea 2: Gift them these Journals


As well as reading books, journals can allow the girls to learn by writing and thinking about this time in their life.

  • This awesome journal allows girls to document this special new journey in their life!

Using the word ‘Baligha’ as an acrostic poem, the following topics are covered in a clear and beautiful manner:

B: Beautiful (cleanliness and inner beauty)
A: Awareness (of fiqh, salaat, physical changes)
L: Little Lady Quiz
I: Intention (wajib)
G: Genes (relationships and geneology)
H: Hijab (declaration of identity)
A: Aspiration (Micro and macro goals)

Each section has a place for your child’s own notes and thoughts, as well as quizzes, personal information, and even a space to design their own hijabs!

There is a PDF available but I would highly recommend ordering a physical copy – nothing beats that!

To buy: http://www.qfatima.com/index.php/q-shop/qlife-qshop/buloogh-books-detail

To view PDF: http://www.qfatima.com/index.php/q-life-home?layout=edit&id=413

  • This Salaat Journal teaches them the accountability of their Salaah and to be mindful of any missed/kadha salaah:
  • And here’s a journal you can download and print that one mum made for her daughter

Umrah Idea 9: Take Buzz Ideazz's Umrah Journal!


So in the Iraq series, we talk about encouraging our children to keep a journal to write their thoughts/duas in, make a scrapbook with all their mementos in, and we also mentioned the importance of having child-friendly information about the trip.

Alhamdulillah, all these three concepts have been incorporated into our latest product – the Umrah Journal!

It is with the printers and will be with us early next week so please do get in touch if you would like us to send out a copy straight away to Inshallah get to you in time. Alternatively, we can arrange a mutually convenient time to pass them on!

Laylatul Qadr 4: Resources for Laylatul Qadr AND Imam Ali (as)'s Shahadat


Idea 5: Keep a Diary/Journal


Idea 5: Keep a Diary/Journal

Journalling is a little more than a dairy, so which one you choose to encourage your children to keep depends on their age and capability. A diary is simply an account of the day’s events, whereas a journal encourages reflection on those events.

Either way, keeping one is an amazing way to note down important events, memories, thoughts, goals and more…and they will hopefully be treasures in the future when you look back on the trip, and even after years, Inshallah!

P.S. Buzz is working on something special along this theme…can’t wait until it’s ready, Inshallah!


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