Ramadan Activities for Young Ones


So here is what one mum did to help her kids benefit from this month in so many amazing ways!

Imam Ali (AS) bags for the less fortunate: Great activity for little toddlers. They love filling bags. First explained how Imam Ali always helped people…. Went to the store had her pick items she thinks everyone would need on a daily basis- comb, toothbrush, snacks. Came home and she packed everything into ziplock bags and asked the grandparents to come home to help write Hadith from Imam Ali (as) on the hearts which we put in the bags. IA to disburse them throughout the holy month.



Shahru Ramadhan treat boxes for little friends: Cookies made and decorated by little one and family, kajur, and a small toy to help celebrate the beginning of this awesome month!

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Good Deeds Tree: pick a good deed from the jar, implement it and get to decorate a heart ornament to put on the tree. Just like a tree grows beautiful hearts good deeds will make our hearts grow and make us shine. The tree will light up every time they were able to do the good deed.

Quran Wall: Use this wall to learn all about the awesomeness of this great book. Focusing on Surah Qadr memorization and suwer of Juz Ammah. Each time she memories a Surah she gets to put the sticker on the Juz Ammah tree.
 We have a light up Quranic box which we will put different objects that are in the Quran inside and begin discussions from them. Example- we will put animals in the box. Create excitement by turning the lights on the box on and off, open the box and talk about the story of Prophet Nuh. Box credit goes to HIC Quran Club.
Following the Footsteps of Imam Ali (AS):
Learn all about our amazing Imam and give children examples from his life the little ones can implement. Children will cut out their own footsteps and put it on the wall to help them see the path to Allah is always going to be through the our Ahlul Bayt and Quran. We will post different activities we do that relate to the Imam on the Black cloth and end it with his martyrdom.
Advent Calendar: Each bag has a good deed to do, a Quranic Word, money for sadka. Bags are decorated to also show days of sadness (black bags) and happiness (glitter bags). Some bags have special presents to help reinforce the extra special days and likewise for the days of mourning.
Our Blessings Garden: Helping children see how beautiful our blessings are and how we need to nurture them and appreciate them.
Each flower will have a theme in the center and the petals we will write why that blessings is important to us. One of the theses will be Allah- we are thankful to have the one and only beat God. On the petals we will put Allah’s names and discuss how lucky we are to have Allah who is Al-Khaliq he made everything and go into discussion of all the creations.. How Allah is Al-Wadud and go into discussion of how He loves us soo much.

Arabic letters centers: toys, puzzles, games, flash cards to help the children learn their letters!


Blessing Bag


I love, love, love this idea! We always struggle with what to do when we see someone on the streets – we don’t always want to give money because we don’t know what they will do with it, and food is also tricky…but this is perfect!

“This is what me and my daughter have started doing….We are keeping a “Blessing bag” in our car in case we find someone in need. You can make these up with items from the Dollar Tree such as gloves, thermal socks, beef sticks, crackers, candy bars, toothpaste, toothbrush, wipes, deodorant, snacks and other items that may help someone who is homeless or in a bad way. It is just a thoughtful, inspiring thing to do. This is something we are going to start doing from now on. Thank you to the ones that did this long before us, for being such a giving, loving, caring person! Random acts of kindness take very little to change the life of just one person.”


Photo Courtesy of Amy verder

Good things come around!


What an example for our children about how good things come around!

I’m sure you heard about the little boy who gave his pocket money up to help the mosque in TX that was vandalised. (If not, check it out here:https://youtu.be/agwOsODDczY)

This is what the American Muslim community did for him in return!


Helping the homeless :)


We need more gangs like this one!

Hajj Ideas 3


Check out this awesome idea to make the reality of doing good deeds come alive for children from Islam From The Start!

As the month of Dhulhijja is extra special for doing good deeds, we had a introductory lesson and a fun activity to show us how good deeds bring us close to Allah.


Lets imagine that good deeds are like magnetic objects and Allah is like the strongest magnet ever!

Take a few 1p/2p coins and for each coin, have the child say a good deed and place it into a box of non-magnetic items/rice.

‘Let’s see what happens when Allah sees you doing a good deed…He pulls you close to Him!’

Use a magnet and show how the good deed coins are pulled up by the magnet!
-Point out how there is no such thing as a ‘small’ good deed, all the coins were magnetic!
– It doesn’t matter if no-one saw you do the good deed. Even coins hidden at the bottom of the pile were pulled up by the magnet. Every good deed is seen by Allah and pulled towards Him!

Use the next 10 days to become familiar with the Quranic phrase, “Wa ahsin, do good”.

Fill out the magnet worksheet by writing one good deed done each day. Remember, every good deed brings you closer to Allah!

Ramadan Idea 8: Take on a Charity Project with your children


Charity is highly emphasized in this month especially – why not make it a project to do with your kiddos?

Alhamdulillah, this year my children have just embarked on their 30 Day Good Deed Challenge – check out their video for more info! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmNvMMY_Ihk

Please do support them through this website:

And here is the blog to follow them on their quest:http://husaynzainab.blogspot.co.uk/

5. Don't spoil the good deeds you do!


Try as I may, I cannot think of a suitable activity to go with this concept. This one really boils down to us parents role-modelling the correct way to do good and then not spoil the good that we have done.

Spoil it how? Allah says:

“Kind speech and forgiveness is better than charity followed by injury” (2: 263) and “Do not make your charity worthless by reproach and injury” (2:264)

If our children see us helping someone when they have asked for a favour, but then complaining about it to others…

Or slipping it into conversation with them about how it doesn’t matter but it took ages to do something for them…

Or helping someone but then indignantly telling our spouses how they didn’t even thank us…

Or sighing and only reluctantly helping someone…

All these things will show them that helping others and doing good deeds (forms of charity) are a burden, and not the positive opportunity that it is.

When an opportunity for them to do something good comes up and they don’t seem so keen (even for something as small as getting something from another room for their sibling), remind them that this is a gift from Allah and a chance to score some happy points! How unlucky is the person who does not even get chances to do good!

If they do it but then complain, or don’t do it happily (e.g. throw what they’ve gotten to their sibling in a huff), remind them of the above ayahs and tell them not to spoil what they have done…

Perhaps the analogy of an apple might work here. A lovely ripe apple is like a lovely good deed that you have done. When we do it reluctantly, or complain about it, it is as if we are throwing the apple down hard on the floor and bruising it.

What is better? A fresh smooth apple or a bruised rotten apple? Food for thought…

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