Fundraising Idea 23: Sponsored Sleep without a Blanket


Here’s another one to add to the fundraising with children list… as I’m sure you’ll agree, it is very much needed at the moment. The idea is: Sleep Without A Blanket – not only will this give children a tiny glimpse into what it is like to be a child sleeping without a blanket in the winter, but also raise awareness of the struggles that other children are facing at the moment.

Here is one example of someone doing this challenge, although I know there are many out there. Do donate if you can!

“My name is Sakinah Sumar and I am 5 years old. Me, mummy and pappa will be sleeping without a blanket for one night to remember the Syrian people who have to do this every night. They are facing a really cold winter and need blankets to keep them warm and alive. Please sponsor me so that the money can be used to buy them the blankets they desperately need.”

And here are some oh-so-cute letters written by other children taking part!
IMG-20151122-WA0021 IMG-20151124-WA0000

Students Help Students Appeal


Remember our Fundraising Series not so long ago, where we shared ideas to encourage children to raise money for other children in need?

Here is another super example: the Students for Students Appeal. It’s oh-so-simple: the children collect sponsors to either recite a Tasbih, a Sura Fatiha or a Sura Yasin for their Marhumeen’s sawab.
The money all goes to helping equip labs in a girl’s college in Pakistan.

The potential for learning here for our children is immense – appreciation of the fact that they have all the facilities which they may take for granted, the opportunity to send blessings on their Marhumeen, the chance to recite a Sura (etc), the chance to save up for their Aakhira through Sawaab-e-Jaariya…the list is endless.

Why not have your kids take up the challenge? The sponsorship forms are all on the link below, as is more information!

Fundraising Idea 22: Have an Eid Toy Drive


Last one for this series!

I saw this idea on This Little Life of Mine – here is how it works:

“So the Eid toy drive was an event where we called on and invited families to bring a brand new gift to be donated to local families in need. The gift would be wrapped at the event. The children would make a Eid card to accompany the gift. Finally they would receive a small prize or memento for their participation.

We worked with Islamic Relief (which is the main sponsor of the event) and the organizations they work with in the area. The gifts were labeled by gender and an approximate age the gift is suitable for. This would be cross referenced with their list of families and the children in each family.

It’s a very basic idea. It was received well by everyone in attendance. It’s a great opportunity to teach children the beauty of sadaqah!”

A great idea – Inshallah one to implement next year?!

Fundraising idea 21: Buy a rose for your mum on Eid day


So this one is not just for children (husbands pay attention!) but as you can see from the pic, is SO thoughtful coming from a son/daughter!

On Eid day here in Stanmore, they have started a tradition of selling roses to those who attend Eid namaaz – all profits go to charity.

This year they offered a personal touch by including the option of buying a Buzz Ideazz card too!

With only 500 roses and 200 cards, they managed to raise £2500 which I think is pretty amazing! Definitely an idea for other communities to implement Inshallah?

Fundraising Idea 20: Instead of giving a gift to your teachers at the end of Ramadhan, donate to charity on their behalf instead


At the end of the month, teachers of classes are usually given lots of little presents to say Eid Mubarak and thank you. That is a wonderful wonderful gesture and token of appreciation, but this year some organisers of classes had an even better idea!

They suggested that the children donate on their behalf instead .

The kids and I still felt we wanted to acknowledge them, so we made these little mint books – the pics say it all I hope! They personalised it by decorating the front and then handed them out to their teachers as well as donating in their name too.

P.s. This idea is thanks to pinterest of course – here is the link to the much more professional looking ones!

Fundraising idea 18: Giving from their own pockets...


A beautiful selfless gesture…sharing as seen on a Facebook post:

“I have just seen the most beautiful scene:

After the kids Award Ceremony at SIJNY for Quran and Dua recitation and memorisation, Sohail Abdullah asked for donations to Comfort Aid’s ‘Zanzibar Education Fund’, to provide desks for schools (

The children, who had just received cash for their Shahr Ramadhaan efforts spontaneously rose, one by one, to return their gifts as donations to the Education Fund!

This is fantastic selflessness from the children and should be commended. The whole jamaat was very moved by this action from such young kids.

“Those who spend (in the cause of Allah) privately or publicly, by night and day, have their reward with their Lord. And (on the Day of Resurrection) they shall neither fear nor grieve.” (Al-Baqarah 2:274)”



Fundraiser Idea 16: Washroom Packs for Sale


Another simple but very effective idea! Imagine the thawaab gained everytime anyone uses these 🙂

“We will be selling these Washroom Packs at mosque tonight.

They contain:
A laminated ghusl card for in the shower.
A laminated wudhu card for beside the sink.
A laminated washroom door sign.
You can use these in your homes as daily reminders.
Please support us in raising funds for Palestine as every penny raised will be donated.
Packs are £3.50 each.
Please order in advance to guarantee your pack.”


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