Familiarising our children with the Holy Quran - Idea 7: Stick relevant verses up around the house


Another great idea sent in was to stick relevant Ayaat/Du’a around the house e.g. when entering/exiting the washroom, when waking in the morning, before going to sleep etc ?

DivineDuas create cards specifically for this purpose! Check out the pics/page for some ideas…

Dua Cards do different ones as well!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas 4: Personalised Key Ring with a Dua


You know those personalised cups/magnets/bookmarks/towels (and now coke cans!) that we now don’t even bother looking at because they will have English names (unless we have the name Sarah or something similar!)…

Well, Dua Cards are providing an excellent alternative! Check out this personalised keyring that I got  🙂

I LOVE personalised stuff – and personalised stuff that is useful – the keychain has a dua for safety on the other side – well, it just doesn’t get better than that 🙂

Idea 13: Equip them with child-friendly dua cards


Idea 13: Equip Them with Child-Friendly Dua Cards!

The duas and ziyarats etc that one recites on this amazing trip are an essential part. Dua Cards especially altered to be accessible for children are made by:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dua-Cards/188622421152012

She’s headed off for ziyarat herself, but save this one for the future Inshallah!

E-mail: sales@duacards.com


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