Arbaeen Idea 2: N2K Walk Videos/Documentaries


Today’s inspiration comes in the form of these amazing videos – depicting Arbaeen and the the Najaf to Karbala walk, which many people are blessed to be going on in the next few weeks, Inshallah.

Definitely one to watch with your children, and inspire them with the unbelievable hospitality and generosity of those who wish to serve for Imam Husayn (as). Hopefully they may even come in handy in school/madressa classrooms

This movie gives a glimpse into the journey that Bibi Zainab, the 4th Imam and others faced in the aftermath of Kerbala:

Here is a good overview of the walk.It covers all the important points and emphasised the beauty, generosity and selflessness of the walk.:

Here is the first of a series with more of the history:

Full length feature about the walk:

This is a beautiful look at azadari in sign language:

This is how the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain عليه السلام commemorated in SIGN LANGUAGE in Iran.#LabbaikYaHussain ?#YaHussain

Posted by Ark of Ahlul-Bayt on Monday, 16 September 2019

And this animation will inspire you no end!

A beautiful Animated clip of Arbaeen ?

Posted by AhluBayt Society on Tuesday, 15 October 2019



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