Familiarising our children with the Holy Quran - Idea 1: Quranic Calendar


A little while ago, I had come across a clip of young Christian children who were eager to share their favourite verses from the Bible with each other. They knew exactly where it was, and the Bible was obviously much loved and familiar to them…

I began wondering how much that is the case with our (my!) children. I think they know verses here and there but i would love for them to have that familiarity with the Quran such that they can pick it out in an instant. We give recitation a lot of focus in our communities, and also memorisation (to check out our series on help with that, see: https://www.buzzideazz.com/quran-memorisation-series/ but that’s really only the first step.

I turned to you amazing folks for inspiration, and you didn’t let me down! I thought i would turn it into a series and share some of these ideas that have come up for inshallah all to benefit.

So here is Familiarising our children with the Holy Quran – Idea 1: Quranic Calendar

This awesome resource sits on our dinner table, and while we are eating we look at an ayah every now and then. We discuss it, and try to memorise it – and I will also test them sometimes, both by giving them the English and asking for it’s translation and the other way around.

I think what I’m going to do next is ask them to look up the verses we cover in their Qurans and highlight or mark them.

The crafts in the Islamic Values book are also an awesome way to reinforce learning in a creative and fun way, and which really helps drive the message of the verses home!


YOUR Ramadan Calendars - 2016


Check out this one by Umm Aiman! Each day is a 4 piece puzzle with 4 good deeds on it to do. Each day, they have to complete the puzzle, colour it in and hang it back on the line! There are some goodies added as an extra treat



To download the puzzles, click here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12898635/ramadan2016.pptx

I love this Ankabut calendar! It fills up over the month…

IMG-20160525-WA0005 IMG-20160525-WA0006


Ramadan Activities for Young Ones


So here is what one mum did to help her kids benefit from this month in so many amazing ways!

Imam Ali (AS) bags for the less fortunate: Great activity for little toddlers. They love filling bags. First explained how Imam Ali always helped people…. Went to the store had her pick items she thinks everyone would need on a daily basis- comb, toothbrush, snacks. Came home and she packed everything into ziplock bags and asked the grandparents to come home to help write Hadith from Imam Ali (as) on the hearts which we put in the bags. IA to disburse them throughout the holy month.



Shahru Ramadhan treat boxes for little friends: Cookies made and decorated by little one and family, kajur, and a small toy to help celebrate the beginning of this awesome month!

13346135_614695125345473_337599006573388208_o 13412118_614695145345471_4966280288253971565_o

Good Deeds Tree: pick a good deed from the jar, implement it and get to decorate a heart ornament to put on the tree. Just like a tree grows beautiful hearts good deeds will make our hearts grow and make us shine. The tree will light up every time they were able to do the good deed.

Quran Wall: Use this wall to learn all about the awesomeness of this great book. Focusing on Surah Qadr memorization and suwer of Juz Ammah. Each time she memories a Surah she gets to put the sticker on the Juz Ammah tree.
 We have a light up Quranic box which we will put different objects that are in the Quran inside and begin discussions from them. Example- we will put animals in the box. Create excitement by turning the lights on the box on and off, open the box and talk about the story of Prophet Nuh. Box credit goes to HIC Quran Club.
Following the Footsteps of Imam Ali (AS):
Learn all about our amazing Imam and give children examples from his life the little ones can implement. Children will cut out their own footsteps and put it on the wall to help them see the path to Allah is always going to be through the our Ahlul Bayt and Quran. We will post different activities we do that relate to the Imam on the Black cloth and end it with his martyrdom.
Advent Calendar: Each bag has a good deed to do, a Quranic Word, money for sadka. Bags are decorated to also show days of sadness (black bags) and happiness (glitter bags). Some bags have special presents to help reinforce the extra special days and likewise for the days of mourning.
Our Blessings Garden: Helping children see how beautiful our blessings are and how we need to nurture them and appreciate them.
Each flower will have a theme in the center and the petals we will write why that blessings is important to us. One of the theses will be Allah- we are thankful to have the one and only beat God. On the petals we will put Allah’s names and discuss how lucky we are to have Allah who is Al-Khaliq he made everything and go into discussion of all the creations.. How Allah is Al-Wadud and go into discussion of how He loves us soo much.

Arabic letters centers: toys, puzzles, games, flash cards to help the children learn their letters!


YOUR Ramadan Calendars - 2015


Here are the ones you sent in!

I love the idea of using little bags and decorating them:


Here, each window has space for the children to write the Asma they learn that day:


This one has a good deed box as well for the children to pick a deed and do it every day:



This is a cute little basket with card envelopes to be opened each day:


This calendar has an Asma and an act of kindness to do daily:


The beautiful drawers for each day have a worksheet on the Quran and a sadqa coin for each child:


Another example of pretty little bags hung up:

calendar7And these drawers have even highlighted the important days with a little message:


Last but definitely not least, how about this one which was actually set up in the children’s section of a mosque! This is what they said: “After a short speech, a child is picked to choose something. It is either read dua, salaat or sometimes says each child gets a treat!”


Ramadan Calendars and Fillers


YOUR Ramadhan Calendars - 2014


Wow! There is mashallah some talent out there 🙂 Check out all the calendars sent in by readers:

This is all home-made!

This is all home-made!

Each bag has a little treat (candy, gum, small toy etc) a coin for Sadqa and a card with either a good deed to do or something to recite or make dua for :)

Each bag has a little treat (candy, gum, small toy etc) a coin for Sadqa and a card with either a good deed to do or something to recite or make dua for 🙂

Ramadhan3 Ramadhan1

A candy-land style calendar

A candy-land style calendar

1546092_10154299473590506_5210609828715870842_n ramcalendar

Fun filled envelopes for her son ... He has recite a Surah, be thankful about something, or do a good deed to open an envelope - which contains $1-$2 dollars or fun gift card!

Fun filled envelopes for her son … He has to recite a Surah, be thankful about something, or do a good deed to open an envelope – which contains $1-$2 dollars or fun gift card!



Muharram Idea 16 - Create a Muharram Calendar


Muharram is here…and so begins our mourning, reflection and Inshallah, change. This year we will be looking at even more ideas that we can implement to share this with our children, Inshallah!

How about this calendar from www.busymummys.co.uk?

“Busy Mummys:
My Islamic Calendar

We nearly missed a couple of very important dates last year.
So this year, we’re trying to make a conscious effort in knowing the Islamic dates as much as we know the Gregorian calendar.

We made an A2 kitchen wall calender,consisting of a pic, a calendar activity and the calendar itself, that is filled out by kids. A great way to practice number writing and counting for little ones.

The A4 calender in the picture was solely for the purpose of this post, as the A2 calender contains personal information. We use the A2 as the main family calender with appt dates, our schedule, smiley faces, sad faces, birthdays etc..

Whenever the new moon sights, we will sit down to make a new calender for the month.

A great way to show kids when birthday parties they’re invited to coincide with Islamic dates that they’ve filled in themselves and marked as happy or sad.

And do you have dads who sometimes forget and plan meetings and trips on important Islamic dates? Well get them to fill out the calendars with kids, that way the whole family is more attuned to important Islamic dates.

Templates will be available soon. Inbox if interested.

Muharram and Safar are sad months so we chose a grey background but have colorful ones for other months.

Pic: We chose to insert a picture of something significant we did that month e.g for Muharram last year we made Alams, for Mahe Rajab we made tasbihs for Amaal of Rajab so we put a pic of that, etc

Activity: Together with a pic, it’s great when kids learn something about the personality of Masum born/died in that month.”

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