App 5 - Over the Moon Stories


App No 5: Over the Moon Stories

So far the only ones of its kind, Over the Moon Stories are animated books for Muslim children!

There are two books available so far: Allah Made the World, and Ramadan Kareem. When you open them up, you have two options, you can have it narrated for you, or read on your own. When you click on certain things in the book, they will move or speak.

The books are beautifully illustrated and written in simple rhyme. They are short stories (about 5 pages long), so good for preschoolers. The author, Suzanne Muir, is a Muslim teacher and mom of 3 herself!

Downloadable for £1.49/$1.99:!/id453925553?mt=8

(Sorry androiders 🙁 )

App 4 - Arabic Matching Game


App No 4: Arabic Matching Game

Once they have mastered the alphabet, consolidate this knowledge with this cute memory game!

There are 5 levels, with each next level unlocking if you pass the first. In the first, there are 12 apples with different alphabet in them, and when you make a match, a child’s voice says “Subhanallah”, and when you make a mismatch, the voice says “Astaghfirullah” – check it out, even if just to hear this…bound to bring a smile on your face 🙂

Overall? The aesthetics are pleasing, and it’s a cute little time passer for the young ‘uns.

Free to download for ANDROID 🙂 and I-stuff:

App 3 - Dua


App no 3: Muslim Kid Series: Dua

This app was actually the first Muslim children’s app i happened to stumble across, and the one that motivated me to find more!

If you’ve downloaded the Hijaiya app, you may have come across this one too. Also very well made with lovely bright illustrations, there are duas for everything from waking up to going to the mosque to when it rains…

And if you or your child can’t read Arabic, a simple click on the audio button will play the dua being recited really well in a young boy’s voice. Unfortunately audio isn’t available for the English translation however.

Overall? A great little app to help us (kids and parents!) utilise and benefit from the many duas available in our everyday lives…now the trick is to remember to play them at the right time!

It’s free and guess what…this one is available on androids too! As per someone’s very smart request, here are the links for your perusal:

App 2 - Salah Tracker for Kids


App No 2: Salah Tracker for Kids

So I have to admit – when I came across this app I was a bit skeptical, especially since I am not a believer in the use of rewards to encourage behaviour, which the tracker uses to motivate children to pray.

However, when I showed it to my not-so-keen-on-praying son, he spent some time going through it, making his own profile and then, despite namaaz time having long gone, asking me if he could go up and pray!

The app allows parents to login and make profiles for their children (or just give your password to them to do this – my son was quite adamant which colour musallah he wanted for his own profile!), and add rewards for what they can get if they achieve a certain number of salaahs – how many salaahs are needed to receive which reward is up to you to decide.

The child can then access and add the salaahs that they have prayed, and see the rewards that they have collected. there is also a chart where you can have a look at their progress. Last but not least, you can also go back and add missed salaahs if you have forgotten to input it on a certain day.

The only thing is profiles are somehow impossible to edit or delete (as far as i can tell anyway), so be sure to do it right first time round.

Overall? A worthwhile tool to motivate your child in the SHORT term to pray; a long term love of salaah comes through many different means – that’s a series of posts on its own!

App 1 - Hijaiya


Bismillah – let the Muslim Children App Series begin 🙂

App No 1: Muslim Kids Series – Hijaiya

When I initially asked you to send through any good Muslim Kid Apps you had found, this was one of the first that was recommended, and by many different people! Once I tried it out, I can see why…I only wish this had been around when my two were starting to learn their alphabet, although my daughter still enjoyed having a go 🙂

Downloadable for free on iphones or ipads (sorry android users!), the app is bright, colourful and so easy to use. It has two options:

Learn: Here you can click on the letter to hear it’s name, as well as its sound with the three haraqat (fatha, kasra, dhamma) – thus you get both, the phonics and the name which i thought was super. You can go through in order, or select the letter you want to focus on…

Write: Here you can trace the letter with your finger, and at the bottom you can click to hear the name, thus giving you the audio consolidation again. Be careful to trace properly, otherwise you might not get all 3 stars! A mix-it-up option here is useful for the slightly older ones…

Overall? 5 out of 5 me thinks!


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