App 13 - 40 Hadiths for Children with Stories


So I was going to end it yesterday with the awesome number of 12 apps reviewed, when I was sent this one.

With the Prophet’s Birthday coming up, I think this is a perfect way to end this series…and hey, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that 13 is also a special number in Islam, right? 🙂

This app is also a perfect prelude to beginning the next lot of posts, which is to do with the Prophet (saw), of course! Stay tuned!

App No 13: 40 Hadiths for Children with Stories

Along with penned illustrations, this app has 40 stories that are short and easy to read, each one with a deeply embedded moral. At the end of each story is… you guessed it… a hadith from Prophet Muhammad (saw) that encompasses the moral succintly.

Again, the ahadith are from Ahle Sunnah sources – the moral stays the same though, and the stories are not the common ones that we’ve heard, and really bring the moral to life.

Overall? A lovely tool to teach our children values and morals, using the captivating medium of story telling.

Download for free on itunes: (sorry androiders)

App 12 - Islamic Academy


App No 12: Islamic Academy

So here is a high quality app with excellent graphics, exciting sound effects and smooth game play – and it combines many of the features that have been in the other apps, all in one!

Create up to 5 users, then enter the Academy, where you have the option to either answer quiz questions in many different modes – “Challenge” – answer x questions, “Speed” – answer as many as you can in the time allowed, and “Survivor” – answer until you get one wrong! The questions are randomised and constantly changing to keep you on your toes. (Again, please be aware that some of the questions are fron Ahle-Sunnah, although the majority seem to be relevant to both.)

If you’re tired of the quizzes, then why not click on a Puzzle, a Spot the Difference picture, or Match it (memory)?!

A really unique feature of this app is that it allows players to challenge each other and play multi-player games through the game centre. You can also win trophies and certificates!

A trial is available for free, and then you can upgrade to full membership for only 69p.

App 11 - Kids of the Ummah


App No 11: Kids of the Ummah

Looking for a contemporary, fun app that has beautiful pictures that introduce your children to Muslims in different countries around the world from A-Z? Look no further…!

Kids of the Ummah was the brain child of Peter Gould, an Australian designer who wanted something fresh and different for his children.

Also a book, it is the first in a series of educational apps and books aimed at celebrating Muslim cultures around the world, encouraging exploration and understanding of the alphabet (English & Arabic) and Muslim names through colouring, puzzles and book mode.

Try a little out for free before you decide to buy (for £5.99).

This one’s only for Apple users I’m afraid –
thought it was only fair 🙂

App 10 - Islamic Quizzes


App No 10: Islamic Quizzes on each of our Masumeen!

This (or should I say these) blew me away!

When someone recommended them, I checked them out and they are a wonderful, wonderful resource. They can be used for so many things it’s super exciting – at home with you and the kids on a khushali/wafat night or just like that, in Madressa to provide an alternative to just reading or testing (make it into a fun group competition), as something to fill the time while you’re waiting for the last few minutes of classes to finish…and so on!

The questions are not so hard to put you off, but not an easy ride either! There are between 10 and 20 questions and these just repeat every time you play, so the second time round you can test yourself on whether you have actually remembered something or not from the last time! It also times you so you and your children can try and beat the clock…

Overall? A MUST-HAVE, for us and for our children! Once you’ve downloaded one, check out all the others by the same developer – Husnain Kazmi.

Am so sorry but I haven’t seen it on itunes yet 🙁 – please check and let me know if you find it.

Android users, here is the link:

App 9 - Islamic and Moral Stories


App No 9: Islamic and Moral Stories

If your children are anything like mine, then you’re usually asked often to tell them a story! Now, sometimes I just can’t think of one offhand, and my brain is too tired to make one up…that’s when this app really comes into action 🙂 And the best part is, it has values too!

There are Islamic stories (from history and recent times) and stories for kids (not necessarily Islamic but has some of the well-known ones like The Hare and the Tortoise), as well as some jokes, although I would vet these!

Just a note to keep an eye on the content, although on the whole it seems neutral.

Overall? A useful and enjoyable app to have, especially when you’re snowed in somewhere and have time to wile away!

Android users, here is the link:

I actually didn’t find this one on itunes, but this seems to be something similar with many of the same stories:

App 8 - Memorize Quran


App No 8: Memorize Quran

Given that it’s Thursday night, I thought this would be a good app to share!

When this app was recommended, I was quite eager to check it out because I’ve been looking for such a tool to use with my lot. And it didn’t disappoint!

You start off by creating a profile (and you can even adjust your pic to have one that looks like you!) Then pick a Sura from the Juz that interests you – the 30th Juz is unlocked and the rest can be purchased for a small amount each. Stats are then kept on each profile such as verses, suras and ajza’ that have been worked on.

Once you’re in the sura, click on the ayahs that you want to work on, and off you go! There are options to repeat automatically, have some time after each verse recitation to be able to repeat it yourself, set a bookmark and so on.

The recitor is Sh Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy who recites beautifully Mashallah; the only downside is that the recitation is quite fast for each verse…I would prefer something a bit slower for the children.

Overall though, an excellent excellent tool!

P.S. Sorry, haven’t been able to find this on android 🙁 – HOWEVER, check out this alternative that I came across: Juz Amma (Suras of Quran).

P.P.S – Also check out Pre-School Quran which was also recommended! The verses are repeated by children which is great to help learn the suras also.

App 7 - Moslem Kids Puzzle


App No 7: Moslem Kids Puzzle

So we haven’t had a puzzle app yet, and the other day I came across this cute little one!

Simple enough to use, this app has 3 levels – pick a level, pick a picture you would like to do a puzzle with, and off you go.

I love things like this because it gives our children an Islamic alternative – although it isn’t necessarily useful for teaching the Arabic alphabet, etc (although some of the puzzles do have letter in them), i think it’s important just for the exposure to games and pictures featuring a girl wearing the hijab, mosques in the background, and all the rest of it.

Guess what Android users, this seems like one that’s only available for you! (Sorry iphone-ers)

App 6 - Children Islamic Quiz


App No 6: Children Islamic Quiz

I really love this one, and we have already spent quite some time on it 🙂

Exactly what it says, the app quizzes children (erm, and adults) on basic Islamic information, such as which Holy Book was sent towhich Prophet, about the angels, and the life of the Prophet.

Users can create their own profiles and the highest score for each level will be saved – there are 4 levels, with the number of questions increasing on each level. Why not compete with the other members in your family to see who can get the highest score for each level? There are other useful features as well such as resetting scores and some terms/names which are i=given as both Islamic and Western names.

For Shia users – just keep a lookout for any questions that may differ from our beliefs, we have completed level one without having seen any though (a reminder that our similarities are more than our differences!).

The first level is free, but the rest can be purchased for £1.86.

Available on both android and istuff!


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