Some Ramadhan Resources...

Here are some links to articles that I have really enjoyed reading about Ramadhan, and that have inspired us in our own preparations for the Holy Month! Hope it comes in handy to you too 🙂

Love, love, love this idea of a Ramadhan Bucket list:

A children’s Welcome Ramadhan basket:

Creating some family time in Ramadhan:

A free Ramadhan kit (printables and all):

Preparing our kids in advance:

Some craft ideas for the month:

Some more craft ideas – ones that i haven’t seen before!:

Colouring pages to occupy the little ones:

Just a whole bunch of resources!:

Last but definitely not least, this is a must-read. It’s quality not quantity! There are alhamd so many ideas out there but we have to choose which ones resonate with us and just do what we can – that will surely have more effect on our kiddos than faking it while doing too much! Here’s the article:

Oh one more thing – let’s not forget ourselves! Love the tips for us by Muslim Kid Genius on the picture!


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