Salaat Idea 1

Salaat Idea 1

So it’s also been a while since we have had a topic going…in light of Imam Husayn’s awesome act of maintaining the Salaat during the day of Ashura even when the other side did not stop attacking during this time, the topic of Salaat might be perfect…

Bismillah – let the Salaat Series begin Inshallah!

Idea 1: Have the Azaan playing in the house

I remember growing up with the sounds of the calls to prayer surrounding us 5 times a day, and it is one of the things i really miss now that I live in London!

But Alhamdulillah, there are now many resources we can use to bring this beautiful reminder for Salaat time into our houses. Islamic channels on TV, apps on phones, programs on PCs and Azaan clocks are all ways we can have this at home to make the children aware that the time for Salaat has set in.

Not only is it beautiful and a reminder, the Azaan has an awesome effect on us too!

Check this awesome video out with your children:

And this is another great video on how the Azaan moved a non-Muslim to tears:

P.S. Need more ideas from all you fabulous inspiring parents out there – please inbox me!

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