Salaah Idea 10: Invite them to pray with LOVE

Salaah Idea 10: Invite them to pray with LOVE

When we call our children to come pray with us, how do we do it? Do we call out to them? And if they don’t come the first time, shout?

What about Fajr? Do we switch on all the lights? Do we threaten to pour water on them?! Or guilt them about the fact that if it becomes Kazaa it’s on their heads?

The other day, I was talking to someone who said that once, a group of people were sharing their best memories of their parents. One girl shared how her best memory was of her dad, waking her up for Fajr…he used to massage her arms and hands to wake her up – how beautiful is that?! And how awesome that that is one of her favourite memories? 🙂

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