Ramadan Idea 13: Ramadan Games

  • Months of Islam:

Months of Islam Board Game

  • General Ramadan:

Quiz/Activity Board Game (Ahle Sunnah Ques also)

Board Game (Ahle Sunnah references also)

Ramadan Bingo Game

Ramadan Hedbanz (The Yes/No Game)

Taqwa Escape Room

Ramadan Quiz (ppt created by Aliabbas and Zahra Janmohamed)

  • Moon Phases:

Moon Phases Game

Gross Motor Moon Phases Game

  • Fasting:

Halaal/Haraam/Mustahab Hopscotch Game

What’s the Time, Angel Jibraeel (Terms/Times of Fasting)

Pin the Body Part – Whole Body Fasting Game

  • Good Deeds:

Good Deeds Game

  • Quran:

Quran Family Scavenger Hunt

Quran Scavenger Hunt – By Seeds Within

Quran Bingo Game – Sura Names

Quran Bingo Game

Key Quranic Verses Game

Sura Name Online Whack-a-Mole Game

Quran Treasure Box

Surah Match-It

My First Quran Activity Book

Quran Flash Cards

Whole Short Sura Emoji Game – By Towards Jannah

Some more Quran Games

  • Duas:

Ramadan Short Duas Game

Iftar Dua Matching Game

Dua Iftitah Journal

  • Personalities:

Nahjul Balagha Mini Book

Nahjul Balagha Reflection Journal (Older Kids)

  • Laylatul Qadr:

Sura Qadr Matching Game

Sura Ankaboot Word Search

Sura Rum Word Search

Sura Dukhan Ayaats Matching Game

  • Eid:

Eid Build a Mosque Game


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