Ramadan Calendars and Fillers

It’s so great to see all new ideas out there for Ramadan calendars!

Here is a round up of ideas for you for calendars and fillers:

  1. Pearls of Wisdom Printable Mahe Ramadhan Activity Chart
  2. 30 Quran Facts Calendar Inserts by Islam from the Start
  3. 30 Quranic Dua Calendar Inserts by Islam from the Start
  4. 30 Surah Titles Calendar Inserts by Islam from the Start
  5. The ABC of Asmaul Husna by Islam from the Start
  6. 30 Little Acts of Kindness by Read Little Muslims
  7. 30 Days of Good Deeds by In The Playroom
  8. Ramadhan Kindness Jar Inserts by Teaching Young Muslims
  9. 30 Quranic Words Activity by Parenthood: Muslim Style
  10. 15 Verses & Activties by Parenthood: Muslim Style
  11. My ABC Quran Verses by The Odd Muslimah
  12. My Mahe Ramadhan Chart by Muslim Kids (Answers here)
  13. 30 Days of Draw and Tasbeeh Ramadhan Challenge
  14. Inserts for both younger and older kids by ZairZabr Play (You need to sign up for the printables)
  15. A Moon Phases Scratch off Chart by Party Zako
  16. An ‘Allah Loves’ Toddler Calendar by Towards Jannah
  17. Ibadah Chart by Qamar Designs
  18. Box Calendar Printables by Sweet Fajr

For Older Kids:

See http://www.buzzideazz.com/marking-ramadan-with-older-kids-idea-2-calendar-inserts/

And here is one for Adults!:

  1. Ramadhan Akhlaq Chart
  2. Ramadan Goal Planning and Bucket List Printables (by Fatema Meghjee)




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