Ramadan Calendar Fillers (for adults too!)

It’s so great to see all new ideas out there for Ramadan calendars!

Here is a round up of ideas for you for calendars and fillers this year:

http://www.islamfromthestart.com/2011/08/ramadhan-calendar.html – this is the one pictured at the top, and also has links to Quran Quiz fillers and Acts of Kindness fillers.

She recently also did this one on Asma-ul-Husna:


http://tjannah.com/ramadhan/sweet-message-ramadhan-calendar/ – this calendar has lots of ‘sweet’ ideas for each day to both teach and please!



These are excellent fillers by Muslim Kids:

13340241_635427239957734_7233136326431529400_o 13391572_635427259957732_8905053112921127911_o

Parenthood Muslim Style has done two awesome activities which can also be used as fillers:



Here is a list of good deed suggestions for the month which can be used too: http://intheplayroom.co.uk/2015/06/09/30-days-of-good-deeds-for-a-ramadan-jar/

Here are two for us adults!

The one in the picture is more general:


And this one from Towards Jannah is for mummies: http://tjannah.com/ramadhan/ramadhan-calendar-for-a-mummy/


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