Ramadan Activities for School

Ramadan Activities for School

Your lovely ideas have started pouring in! Here is what one mum did in school:

“Last week we visited my daughters class for a Ramadhan presentation. We started by introducing Ramadhan, why and how we fast. Then I spoke to the kids about how they can fast with their bodies.

Kids were encouraged to come up and label the card board cut out of a girl. Mouth – tell the truth, hands, share etc…


Next all the kids made a good deed spinner – each section had one good deed. The idea was to spin each morning and see what deed they will concentrate on that day.


Finally we played a what’s behind the squares game. Here the kids had to try and figure out what was behind the squares. Kajoor, a mosque, someone visiting the sick etc. Each time the picture was revealed we talked about the significance. The final picture was one of their class which made them laugh!

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Then we handed out moon shaped biscuits and Ramadhan party bags.”

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