Thank you for all your very valuable feedback, some of which we have incorporated, others which we have stored for future use Insh 🙂

Good news – Alhamdulillah, printing has been finalised and should be with us by end of next week!

As promised, here are the details…

Prices below:

A6: 4 Designs: £0.99 (inc VAT)

(1) Snowman
(2 Ornaments
(3) Tree
(4) Holly

SPECIAL DEAL: Buy 4 cards for only £3.50!

A7: Kidzz Cardzz: £3.95 (inc VAT)/pack of 10

(1) Snowman – in 2 colours – Blue & Orange

SPECIAL DEAL: Buy 3 packs (30 cards) for only £11!

To Pre-Order:

F: Send a message on Facebook

P.S. If you have already messaged to pre-order, please could you do so again specifying which cards you would like, and the quantity – thanks!
P.P.S. For the over-seas requests, am on the case to try and work out shipping times – will post as soon as I have the info.

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