Muharram Idea 22 - Kerbala Video Resources for Children

For children it can sometimes be difficult to find a way to explain what happened in Kerbala. Below are some resources you might find useful.

Here is a series on Muharram for children that were created during the lockdown period:

A Story Time based on the book: Yasser and Zahra Meet the Saviour of Islam

A puppet show series – short and good for younger kids:

What is Muharram?

Why attend the majlis of Imam Husayn (as)?

The Journey of Imam Husayn (a) from Medina to Kerbala:

A series of episodes for the 10 nights of Muharram:

A beautifully done video narrated by a little girl, on Imam’s final embrace:

The following is a series of powerful videos on each of the main people in Kerbala. The imagery is suitable for young children:

This video is an overview of the events, with a focus on the sermons that followed:

Sand Art – Kerbala:

This one is a general simple and short cartoon:

This is a 4 part series about the life of Abbas (as) in Arabic:

This is an English series called Heroes of Kerbala telling about the companions of Imam Husain (as):

The Unsung Heroes of Karbala:

On Kufa and the Entrance in to Shaam:

Some videos on Bibi Ruqayyah/Sakina:

On Imam Hussein (as):

What happened after the day of Ashura:

This is a series of Masaib that is easy to understand for teens too:

This animated cartoon of a latmiya where the father (Abather Alhalwachi) narrates to his son (Ammar Al Halwachi) the story of the children of Karbala:

An English cartoon recitation for children:

Thank You O' Hussain

💚 Thank You O' HussainBy Basim KarbalaeiDirected by Abbas Yousefi

Posted by Ahlulbayt TV on Friday, 28 September 2018

Here is an activity idea:

And finally, this looks like a good full-length cartoon movie:

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