Muharram Idea 12 - Neighbour Muharram Cards

Idea No 12: Give Cards to your Neighbour with your Children

Take some time our this weekend (or any weekend this month!) to give out these amazing quality cards which have been carefully worded so as to intrigue and inspire the reader to check out the website. Even if one person from your whole street goes online and learns about our Imam, you will have made a difference!

To get some cards please visit their website and/or facebook page. Or go to their resources and simply download if it’s more convenient for where you live.

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  1. Ali

    I accidentally came across your website and am highly impressed by how attractive it is.
    where are you located ? Do you have a set up in Toronto?

  2. admin

    Salaam Alaikum, thank you for your interest! We do have links with Toronto, but at the moment, if there is any product you’re interested in then we can ship it out to you. Hope this helps!

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