Marking Ramadan with Older Kids

Now that my kids are older (10 and 12), I find that a lot of the activities/books/calendar inserts out there are not quite suitable for them. So I have been looking out for a few things that are and which I have found useful, and thought I’d share here in case anyone else does!

  • Calendars/Journals

There are many Ramadan Calendars and Journals available nowadays, even for their age! Check them out through the links!

  • Split the recitation of the Quran:

To try and finish the Quran on your own isn’t easy – but why not split it between your family to try and get it done? With older kids this is quite do-able and even if it doesn’t get done in the month, it can be something that will help maintain the regular recitation of the Quran in the days/weeks after Ramadan.

Here is some advice sent in by a mum on a practical way to do this:

“Each part (para) is 20 pages so we can split into 5 – so by reading 4 pages after each salat, we can finish a part a day (and the whole Quran in 1 month). The 4 pages can be split between the family so for example, if a family of 4 shares it, it would be only 1 page after each salat.”

  • Quran Journalling:

Sitting down with them in a discussion circle, choosing some verses of the Quran and journalling them down. Here are some YouTube clips from Islam from the Start which are super easy to follow and great to start off with! This link may also be useful!

  • Charity:

As they are now too old to like finding coins in their calendar and popping them in the sadaqah jar, why not get them to donate a lump sum of £30 to feed a family iftaar for the month? That’s just a pound a day!

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