Iftaar Party Ideas

Planning on having an iftaar party for your children? This idea done by a mum may come in handy!

Invite them home a little early and pop into the closest supermarket and give them some money, then ask them to buy some food for charity!

Make it a challenge to make it even more exciting: Who can get the most items out of the designated £5? Who can spend the closest to £5? What kinds of food do you think would be most appreciated?

So many lessons to learn! And so fitting for this month!

Another idea sent in was to invite your friends to bring something with them when they come like this family did!:


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Another idea was to give out an empty box and a Ramadan Giving Calendar (see: http://www.buzzideazz.com/ramadan-giving-calendar/) as a party favour to encourage children to give charity during the month.

2017-06-01 19.34.30

Have you held iftaar parties? Would love to hear what you do in them!

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