Idea 9: Teach them about the Imam through rhymes and nasheeds

This is a perfect tool for auditory learners!


For younger children, this short and sweet rhyme is great:

“When things go wrong as they sometimes will call Imam Mehdi, When the work you’re doing seems too hard, call Imam Mehdi.

When toys are lost and you can’t find them ,call Imam Mehdi .He’ll help you find them if you try,call Imam Mehdi.

When you are feeling sad cause mum is cross,call Imam Mehdi . He’ll come to you at once,call Imam Mehdi.”

Audio file:

For more rhymes on the 12th Imam, go to:


My favourite English nasheed about the Imam so far is Al-Ajal, Al-Ajal by Abbas Bandali:

Voices of Passion have English ones also:

Path to Ascention also has one or two if you have the CD (not available online yet).

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