Idea 5: Show and Tell

A wonderful idea implemented in our Madressa program today throughout the day was Show and Tell. The children brought in little bits and bobs about the Imam and shared them with the whole class.

Some of the ideas included:

– A newspaper – to signify that Imam will come when there are lots of problems in the world and he will eliminate all of them.

– Somebody recited Dua Faraj by heart.

– An Iranian coin/note with Masjid-e-Jamkaran on it, where people gather on Tuesdays to try and meet the Imam.

– An Ariza – for us to write to him.

– A Zulfiqar necklace – as a reminder that when Imam comes, he will have different things belonging to Prophets/Imams of the past, including the sword of Imam Ali (as).

– Cut-out sun and cloud – to signify that although we can’t see him, just like the sun behind the cloud still gives us light and warmth, so the Imam still provides guidance and help.

P.S. Of course there was a party too 

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