Glimpse of Week Ahead

Glimpse of Week Ahead

So here it is…a look at the week ahead of celebrating the birthday of the amazing Prophet, and choosing one aspect of his life to inculcate with our children Inshallah!

The following is just a glimpse…the inspiration for these come from stories from his life and some of his narrations – I will be posting these in more detail the day before Inshallah, to give you time to discuss with them.

Monday (Day 1) – Rush to be the first to say Salaam Alaikum.

Tuesday (Day 2) – Be nice to someone who may not necessarily be nice to you.

Wednesday (Day 3) – Smile, smile, smile 🙂

Thursday (Day 4) – Learn something new and share it with your family.

Friday (Day 5) – Have some dates, raisins and/or pomegranate today, drink your water in sips, and don’t eat very hot food.

Saturday (Day 6) – Do something extra that you don’t normally do to help you mum out in the house.

Sunday (Day 7) – Wear some perfume today.

And there you have it! Inshallah I hope it is simple enough for the younger ones to do, but something that the older ones can also fulfill to their capabilities, not to mention us mums and dads 🙂

Details for Monday come tomorrow inshallah. Please do share your thoughts/experiences of implementing this in your family throughout this week – it will really make the whole project come alive!

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