Dinner Conversation Starters for the Muslim Family

Some time ago, I came across dinner conversation starters on Pinterest. I thought it was a great idea and so printed them out, cut them up and placed them on the table in a small pot. The kids have loved picking out a slip of paper during dinner and discussing whatever question was on there!

As they have now nearly run out, I got thinking about the next batch of questions I would use and thought it might be great to have a bunch of conversation questions around Islamic themes and even values, such as gratitude. I wrote up 30 conversation starters along these lines. Some are very directly Islamic, for example: What is your favourite Sura from the Quran? And some subtly refer to these concepts and allow for parents to perhaps guide childrens’ thoughts more along those lines when discussing them…

For example, one question is: What would it be like if humans didn’t have hair? Here the conversation can be drawn in to thinking of all of Allah’s subtle wisdoms in creating us the way He has, and how every small detail has been thought of!

Check out all the questions here: Family Conversation Ideas for the Muslim Family

Would love to hear from you if you tried it and how your children responded!

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