Day 6 - Do something extra to help

Day 6 - Do something extra to help

DAY 6 (SATURDAY): Do something extra that you don’t normally do to help out in the house.

“It is said that once our Prophet (SAW) was on a long journey with a number of his companions. At one place they all decided to rest. They all alighted from their horses and loosened their luggage. They then decided to slaughter an animal and prepare a meal. One of his companions said, ‘I will slaughter the animal.’ Another said, ‘And I will skin it.’ A third volunteered to cook the meal. The Prophet (SAW) then said, ‘And I will go and find fuel.’

Immediately a number of his companions rose and said, ‘No, O Prophet of Allah, let it be our privilege to serve you while you rest. We are here to do the work for you.’ The Prophet (SAW) replied, ‘I know that you could all do that. But Allah hates a person who enjoys such a privilege amongst his friends and companions. Allah hates a man who adopts any preferential position.’ He then went towards the woods and brought back with him twigs, which were then used, in the preparation of the meal.”

IDEAS to help inculcate this fully and with understanding:

* Our Prophet taught us many lessons of self-reliance such as this example above. Discuss how we can become more self-reliant in our own individual roles in the family.
* Depending on age, maybe this would be a good time to decide on chores and responsibilities?
* Check out this wonderful resource to get you started!
* Any other ideas?


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