Day 4 - Thursday: Pray a little extra

Day 4 - Thursday: Pray a little extra

The Prophet was known for praying extra, with ahadith a plenty describing his devotion to the nawafil prayer, etc.

Today, given that it’s a Thursday night and a POWERFUL night for prayers to be accepted, maybe we could ask the children to pray a teeny bit more, whether it’s a two rakat sunnat salaat, an extra sajda or tasbeeh, or maybe they could recite any of the recommended duas for tonight that they don’t perhaps do…

The Prophet (saw) loved praying Namaaz-e-Shab, so maybe that’s something we parents can try doing (if we don’t already?) …

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    How were the last two days? For us it let to an interesting chat on honesty and how at the end of the day, it is up to them to be truthful as no one else except Allah and our own self knows!

    The extra prayer was done as well, and the power of Thursday night was a good incentive…

    We’re on to Day 5 now! Are you guys still with me?!

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