Day 1 - Monday: Take some time out to reflect

Day 1 - Monday: Take some time out to reflect

The Prophet would make sure he took a time-out from everything and would go to the Cave of Hira to reflect and contemplate.

In this busy fast-paced world, wouldn’t it be great if we could encourage our children (and ourselves!) to be able to do the same – WITHOUT them complaining that they’re bored?!

I know of one family who especially created a reflection room, and would encourage their children to go and just sit and think for a while (and NOT as a punishment lol)!

ESPECIALLY as we know how emphasised this is in Islam… The Prophet (saw) himself has said: An hour of contemplation is superior to an entire year’sworship” (Tadhkerah al-Haqaiq, p. 29). Indeed, meditation is all the craze now, and for good reason!

Perhaps we can encourage our kids to sit on the musalla for 5 minutes today? And just be still and see what thoughts come to their head?

Am going to try it and see how they do… would love to hear your experiences too!

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    How did day 1 go for everybody? My daughter was excited to give it a shot, even wanting to keep it as ‘real’ as possible by sitting on the floor like the Prophet (saw), but afterwards did say she found it a bit boring (lol!). My son chose the comfort of a bed and blanket and closed his eyes to keep out distractions. Either way, Alhamdulillah they did it!

    For me it has led to an interesting debate on the difference on reflection and meditation (coincidentally a Tedx talk on meditation showed up in my feed yesterday which i heard), and i am wondering whether the Prophet did one or the other or both. Inshallah am doing a little more research on this and will share soon!

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