The Universal Beauty of Dua


Had a busy weekend with two stalls where I was showcasing Buzz Ideazz products. One of these stalls was particularly unique because for the first time, non-Muslims were there and browsing around – this was at an Eid fair held at a school.

I was curious to know how they would react to the products – would they walk quickly by, feign some interest perhaps? It was great to see a genuine interest, with some even buying Eid cards for friends, and one for his daughter who couldn’t come to the fair because she was ill.

For me however, the best part of this was when a non-Muslim liked the wording on our foldable hairbrush/mirror and bought it for her granddaughter!

Alhamdulillah – and what beautiful and universal wording it is indeed 🙂

“O Lord, just as you have made me good-looking on the outside, so make my character good inside.”

Umrah Idea 11: Take some games!


I know I’m stating the obvious here, but unlike other holidays, the focus of going to Umrah is less entertainment-based and more spirituality-based.

This necessarily means that there will be lots of time where we will need to entertain the kids or provide them with things to do, as there is only so much time we can be at the haram, praying, etc.

As well as packing the usual card games, colouring packs, etc, why not take some Islamic games along too?

Buzz Ideazz stocks some games for all ages, and they are either foldable games and so weigh practically nothing and take up little or no space at all, or are small boxes. The only exception is Islamic Brain Quest which is a little heavy, but it is filled with so many questions to help pass the time AND encourage learning that it is worth it’s weight

P.S. Wouldn’t it be awesome to play a game about the Prophet while sitting in his mosque?!

Here is the link to check out the games for yourself:

Umrah Idea 9: Take Buzz Ideazz's Umrah Journal!


So in the Iraq series, we talk about encouraging our children to keep a journal to write their thoughts/duas in, make a scrapbook with all their mementos in, and we also mentioned the importance of having child-friendly information about the trip.

Alhamdulillah, all these three concepts have been incorporated into our latest product – the Umrah Journal!

It is with the printers and will be with us early next week so please do get in touch if you would like us to send out a copy straight away to Inshallah get to you in time. Alternatively, we can arrange a mutually convenient time to pass them on!

Partnership with Dhikr Gifts


Some good news!

You may have come across Dhikr Gifts before ( – Islamic gifts to inspire the remembrance of God in our lives… Well, Dhikr Gifts and Buzz Ideazz feel like we have a lot in common – one is focused on children, and the other on adults, so together, it’s a complete package 😉

So Inshallah from now onwards, we will stock each other’s products to make them more accessible to YOU! If you order from Dhikrgifts and live in London and want to save on shipping, simply click on Local Pick Up and you can arrange to pick up from Buzz Ideazz and vice versa.

We will also by keeping some of each other’s products in our stalls for easy access 🙂 We really hope this partnership will come in handy for all of you looking to stock up, Inshallah!

New Product! Foldable Hair Brush and Mirror with Dua


Alhamdulillah, here’s our latest product in the Everday Productzz range – designed to make our children remember Allah through small things around us all the time Inshallah 🙂

A foldable hair brush/mirror, it has the special dua for looking in the mirror on the back: “O Lord, just as you have made me good-looking on the outside, so make my character good (inside).”

Ideal for party favours at Buloogh parties, Khushali parties, Iftaar parties (next year , or of course, just like that!

Retail price is £2.50 but an introductory price of £1.99 is now on! Discounts will be available for bulk buy. Inshallah it will be up on the website soon 🙂

P.S. Would love to hear your thoughts?


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