Idea 4: It's Friday - HIS day!


Friday is dedicated to Imam Mahdi (aj), and he will reappear on a Friday also. As with the other days that are linked to the other Ahlul Bayt, there is a small ziyarat for our Imam that can be recited today:

Or if your children are younger, why not just recite Dua Faraj with them to mark it, and pray for his reappearance?

Taking out sadqa for the safety of the Imam is also highly recommended today!

Jummah Mubarak 



It’s FRIDAY! Jummah Mubarak all!

As well as cutting nails, applying perfume and all the rest of it, why not buy your child a small present today? Nothing big (am talking Poundland style!) – but just something to help them mark the day of Jummah Eid with a smile 🙂

Or if you have some unopened birthday/Eid gifts in the cupboard (I don’t let them have them all in one go), maybe today’s the day you can let them choose one to open and play with!

If your cupboards and bare and a trip to the shops is not possible, chocs and sweets work a treat – make sure you tell them you’re giving it to them for Jummah!

Have an awesome day, Inshallah 🙂

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